The objective of this Privacy Policy (referred to as "Privacy Policy" or "Privacy Notice") is to outline how Internet Bundle Now, along with our affiliates and all associated brand names and services collectively referred to as "Internet Bundle Now" (referred to as "we," "our," "us"), gathers, manages, and utilizes the personal information of individuals using this website ("Site"). This includes those who interact with our customer service representatives, complete online order forms or information request sheets, download and use browser extensions or applications created by us, and provide information to our sales agents (referred to as "user," "you," "your").

How We Collect Your Information

We collect information about your interactions with our services, which encompasses using our websites, getting in touch with our customer service representatives, completing online order forms or information request sheets, downloading and utilizing browser extensions or applications developed by us, as well as supplying information to our sales agents (referred to as "Customer Information"). In addition, we utilize cookies and pixel tags to monitor your website usage. The data obtained through online order forms and information request sheets is essential for processing your orders and furnishing the requested information. When you contact the numbers on our websites and engage with our customer service representatives, we gather information from the calls to ensure optimal service quality and accurate order processing.

Information We Collect

The following outlines the categories of information, known as Customer Information, that we may gather during your interaction with our services:

1. Customer Contact Information: This includes details required to contact you and fulfill your orders, such as your name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address.

2. Private Customer Information: This encompasses data necessary for credit checks and payment processing, including your Social Security Number, credit card information, and banking details.

3. Customer Order Information: This involves information essential to completing your orders and information requests. It may include Customer Contact Information, programming and packaging choices, billing and shipping details, and other relevant specifics related to your product and service orders.

4. Demographic Information: This pertains to publicly available information, such as age, income, home ownership, household size, etc., which aids in tailoring better offers for products and services.

5. Website Usage Information: This refers to data collected through anonymous third-party cookies, providing insights into your usage and navigation patterns on our websites.

6. Proprietary Analytics: Our site utilizes proprietary analytics systems to enhance usability and customer experience. This includes recording mouse clicks, movements, scrolling activity, user agent, IP address, login information (if applicable), browser details, operating system information, and other non-personally identifiable behavioral and non-behavioral information. You have the option to disable these features by using private browser settings and/or disabling JavaScript. However, note that doing so may also disable other features employed by this site.


This section details the usage of cookies on our website. We encourage you to review our cookie statement to gain an understanding of their global utilization and take measures to decline or delete cookies if you disagree with their use. Cookies are commonly employed to optimize website functionality and efficiency and to furnish information to the Site owners. While you can configure your browser to refuse cookies, it's important to note that certain features on our website may not operate as intended in some instances.

Our use of cookies serves various purposes, including facilitating page navigation and enhancing overall user experience. Cookies are also employed for analyzing user interactions with the website, enabling content sharing via social media, and delivering embedded content from third parties. Occasionally, cookie-type technologies in emails are used to trace how users arrive at the website, aiding in the assessment of the effectiveness of our email marketing efforts.

Information obtained through cookies may be combined with other data such as your IP address, browser type, device, and operating system. This amalgamation is performed, for instance, to generate statistical insights about website visitors. If our website employs third-party cookies, it is advisable to check with the relevant third party for details on their cookie usage practices.

Cookies We Use 

We use the following cookies on this Website:

1. User-Input Cookies: These cookies are utilized to monitor a user's input, such as the completion of a multi-page form or managing a shopping basket on an e-commerce website.

2. Authentication Cookies: These cookies identify a user after logging into a website. It's important to note that cookies remembering a user to eliminate the need for future logins are not deemed essential.

3. User-Centric Security Cookies: An example includes cookies used to detect the number of failed logins, specifically requested by a user.

4. Multimedia Player Session Cookies: These cookies store technical information (e.g., network speed, quality, buffering) necessary for playing user-requested video or audio content, including potential Flash cookies.

5. Load-Balancing Session Cookies: These cookies manage server load balancing, falling under the category of the first point (communication transmission).

6. UI Customization Cookies: Utilized to remember user-set preferences, such as language or display preferences, independent of other data like the user's username.

7. Social Media Content Sharing Cookies: Cookies employed by social media plug-ins to identify logged-in users on social media networks, enabling them to share content. These cookies should only persist while the user is logged in or until they close their browser.

8. Social Plug-In Tracking Cookies: Cookies that track the activity of logged-in users on social networks for purposes such as targeted advertising and analytics.

9. Third-Party Advertising: Cookies used for third-party advertising, are served by a domain external to the website.

10. First-Party Analytics: First-party analytics cookies, like those used for Google Analytics, are non-essential and require user consent.

Categories of Cookies We Use

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential for the operation of this website.

2. Analytical/Performance Cookies: These cookies enable us to identify and count the number of visitors, as well as observe how they navigate the website. This information helps us enhance the functionality of the website, ensuring users easily find what they are looking for.

3. Functionality Cookies: Utilized to recognize you upon your return to this website, these cookies enable the personalization of content, personalized greetings, and the retention of preferences (e.g., language or region choices).

4. Targeting Cookies: These cookies document your visit to the website, the pages viewed, and the links followed. The gathered information may be used to tailor the website and the displayed advertising to better match your interests. Additionally, this information may be shared with third parties for the same purpose.

5. Third-Party Cookies: Apart from the aforementioned cookies, we employ third-party cookies for performance and functional purposes. These cookies provide added functionality and facilitate content sharing on this website. They are set by a third party when accessing the website and are under the control of that third party.

Accepting and Rejecting Cookies

In instances where permitted by law, your ongoing utilization of a website following the display of a cookie banner containing an opt-out link will be regarded as an acknowledgment of consent to the use of cookies. In situations where legal requirements mandate it, you will receive a clear message outlining the types of cookies utilized and their purposes. The deployment of cookies will not occur until you provide explicit consent, such as clicking on "accept" or "I agree." It's important to note that consent is not obligatory under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations for cookies categorized as strictly necessary.

Apps, Browser Extensions and Other Platforms

Our website includes links to other sites, applications, platforms, and services that may be partially operated by third parties. It's important to note that we do not have control over their privacy policies, and these policies may differ significantly from ours. For example, information utilized or gathered by a browser extension we developed may be collected, used, and shared within the standard operations of the browser service itself, in ways that are distinct from our practices. When a browser extension or app we create collects and utilizes Customer Information and any other data, it is done solely to the extent required for the proper operation of the extension or app. Additionally, we do not engage in the sale of any collected Customer Information. If you wish to limit data collection or control access levels for any browser extension or app operated by us, you have the option to uninstall and remove the app from your device or uninstall and remove the extension from your browser. 

Children Under the Age of 16

Our services are designed for individuals aged 16 and above, and we do not knowingly gather personal information from those under 16 years of age. If the identification or receipt of personal information from a child under the age of 16 is identified without verified parental consent, we will promptly remove that information. If you suspect that we may have information from or about a child under 16, kindly reach out to us by submitting an email request.

Security Measures

We have instituted diverse encryption methods and security protocols to safeguard information stored within our computer systems, preventing unauthorized access. Additionally, we uphold procedural safeguards that control access to Your Customer Information, limiting it to employees (or individuals working on our behalf and bound by confidentiality agreements) who require access to provide the products and services you request.

Additional PCI Requirement as a Service Provider.

We affirm to our customers our responsibility for the security of cardholder data within our possession or any data we store, process, or transmit on behalf of the customer. This responsibility extends to situations where we could potentially impact the security of the customer's cardholder data environment.

How We Use Customer Information

We utilize your Customer Information to process orders, fulfill requests, and provide the desired products and services. Furthermore, the information we collect or that you provide is used for various purposes, including:

1. Service Presentation and Enhancement: To present, evaluate, market, analyze, personalize, and improve our services. This may involve storing, providing access to, and sharing your information with agents, vendors, suppliers, affiliates, third-party service providers, advertisers, and other relevant parties.

2. Operation of Applications and Browser Extensions: To operate applications or browser extensions we create, and maintain usage records, and analyze and evaluate them for potential development and release.

3. Communication: To contact you via email, SMS, and telephone calls regarding services, your account, events, or products that may be relevant or of interest.

4. Other Stated Purposes: For any other purposes explicitly stated in this Privacy Notice.

How We Share Customer Information:

1. Third-Party Product and Service Providers: Sharing with third parties necessary to provide requested products and services, including those supporting the operation of applications or browser extensions.

2. Third-Party Advertisers: We do not sell or share Private Customer Information, except with the Third-Party Product and Service Providers mentioned above.

3. Fraud Prevention: Sharing with third parties to prevent fraud and scams.

4. Third-Party Cookies: Allowing third parties to collect anonymous information for targeted ads based on your visits to our website.

5. Legal and Other Purposes: Sharing your Customer Information to comply with legal processes, enforce Terms of Service, protect rights, and property, prevent harm, or in connection with investigations of suspected illegal activities.

6. New Ownership: Sharing with a buyer or successor in the event of a merger, divestiture, restructuring, dissolution, or sale of assets.

International Users

Access your data as per the definition in the GDPR

1. Request the deletion of your data 
2. Request the correction of your data
3. Request the restriction of processing for your data
4. Object to the processing of your data
5. Receive your data in a portable format
If you have any inquiries about the information we hold about you, seek access to your stored information, believe there are inaccuracies or incompleteness in the information, or wish to exercise any of your rights regarding your information, please refer to the instructions for submitting a Data Subject Access Request located in the "Opt-out and Data Subject Access Request Procedures."