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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

245 Mbps
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$50.00 /mo.

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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet with phone plan

245 Mbps
  • Save $20/mo. on internet
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  • Magenta MAX include Free Netflix.
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$30.00 /mo.

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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

245 Mbps
  • No price hikes with T-Mobile
  • Save $20/mo. on internet
  • Magenta MAX plan includes free Netflix
Price Starting at

$50.00 /mo.*

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T-Mobile 5G Wireless Internet Plans

T-Mobile has positioned itself as a leader in the 5G wireless internet space in the United States. Their approach to 5G aims to provide faster speeds, more reliable connections, and broader coverage compared to their competitors. One of the key ways T-Mobile stands out is through their commitment to building an extensive 5G network that covers urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. This means more people can access high-speed internet, no matter where they live.

How T-Mobile's 5G is Different

What sets T-Mobile's 5G apart from other internet providers in the USA . While cable internet relies on wired connections, T-Mobile Home Internet utilizes the power of over-the-air 5G to give stable connectivity where wires cannot be placed. Furthermore, we will not tie you up in long-term contracts. T-Mobile's 5G network is made up of a number of cell sites that transmit and receive data via radio waves. Your gateway turns the nearest 5G signal into Wi-Fi, allowing you to use the internet wirelessly.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

T-Mobile's 5G Home Internet service is a straightforward solution for home internet needs. Instead of relying on traditional cable or DSL, it uses T-Mobile's 5G network to deliver internet to your home. The setup is simple: customers receive a 5G gateway device that acts like a router. This device connects to T-Mobile's 5G network and broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. There's no need for complex installations or waiting for a technician – it's designed to be plug-and-play.

Benefits for Customers

For customers, T-Mobile's 5G Home Internet means faster download and upload speeds, lower latency, and a more stable connection compared to older technologies like DSL or cable. It's especially beneficial for streaming high-definition video, online gaming, and connecting multiple smart devices simultaneously. Moreover, T-Mobile offers this service with no annual contracts and straightforward pricing, making it an appealing option for many households.

Expanding Accessibility

T-Mobile is also focused on expanding internet accessibility. By bringing 5G to rural and underserved areas, they are helping to bridge the digital divide. Many people in these areas have limited options for high-speed internet, and T-Mobile's 5G can provide a much-needed boost in connectivity.

T-Mobile 5G internet stands out due to its extensive coverage, innovative use of multiple frequency bands, and easy-to-use home internet service. This positions them as a strong competitor in the U.S. market, offering reliable and fast internet to a wide range of customers.

Experience America’s Largest & Fastest 5G Network

Experience America’s largest & fastest 5G network with T-Mobile's internet plan. Covering more ground than any other provider, T-Mobile's expansive network ensures you stay connected wherever you go. With T-Mobile, you can enjoy blazing-fast speeds and reliable connectivity across urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. Whether you're streaming your favorite shows, gaming online, or staying connected with friends and family, T-Mobile's internet plan delivers unparalleled performance and coverage. Join the millions who trust T-Mobile for their internet needs and experience the difference of America's largest and fastest 5G network today.

What we like

Seamless Travel: Whether you're on the move domestically or internationally, T-Mobile's coverage goes where you go

Lightning-Fast Downloads: Get your entertainment fix on the go with rapid download speeds for movies and shows.

Remote Work Made Easy: Stay productive with high-quality video conferencing, no matter where you are.

Elevated Gaming Experience: Experience gaming like never before with seamless performance and uninterrupted streaming.

Reliable Service in Crowded Areas: Enjoy consistent connectivity even in bustling environments like concerts and sporting events.

Unmatched Coverage: T-Mobile's expansive 5G network ensures you stay connected wherever life takes you.

Things to consider

Device Compatibility: Ensure your device is compatible with T-Mobile's 5G network for optimal performance.

Service Availability: While T-Mobile covers a vast area, check coverage maps to ensure service is available in your area.

Plan Options: Explore T-Mobile's range of plans to find one that best suits your needs and budget.

Data Usage: Be mindful of your data usage, especially when streaming high-definition content or gaming on the go.

International Roaming Charges: Check roaming charges if traveling abroad to avoid unexpected fees.

Network Congestion: Like all networks, T-Mobile's may experience congestion during peak times, affecting speeds in some areas.

Benefits & Capabilities of 5G Home Internet

Discover the unparalleled benefits and capabilities of T-Mobile's 5G home internet service. With T-Mobile, you'll receive a state-of-the-art 5G Wi-Fi Gateway device included with your plan, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your home. Say goodbye to restrictive contracts, as T-Mobile offers no annual contract options, giving you the flexibility and freedom you deserve. Plus, with our Price Lock guarantee, you can rest assured knowing your internet rate won't unexpectedly increase. If we ever raise your rate, your last month of service is on us, with exclusions like taxes and fees applying.

Setting up your T-Mobile 5G home internet is a breeze with our easy 15-minute setup process. No need to wait for days for installation – simply plug in your device and start surfing the web in minutes. And to make your experience even better, we offer FREE 2-day shipping, ensuring you get your equipment quickly and hassle-free. Worried about making the switch? Don't be! With our 15-day test drive, you can try out T-Mobile's 5G home internet risk-free and experience the difference for yourself.

But that's not all – as a T-Mobile customer, you'll also enjoy exclusive perks through T-Mobile Tuesday. From discounts on dining and entertainment to special giveaways and promotions, T-Mobile Tuesday offers something for everyone. Join the millions of satisfied customers who rely on T-Mobile for their home internet needs and unlock the full potential of 5G technology today.

Get Rid From Traditional Internet Hassles

Escape the frustrations of traditional internet with T-Mobile's hassle-free solution. Our easy setup means you're just 15 minutes away from seamless connectivity – no complicated installations or multiple cords required, just plug in and play. But the benefits don't stop there. With T-Mobile, you'll save big without sacrificing quality. Why pay inflated prices just because it's for business? Our transparent pricing means no annual contracts and no surprise bills. And if you're stuck in a contract with another provider, we'll help you break free by paying off up to $750 in termination fees.

Ready to make the switch? Test drive T-Mobile today risk-free with our worry-free 15-day money-back guarantee. Experience the freedom of reliable, affordable internet without the hassle. Join the millions who have already broken free from traditional internet woes and discover the difference with T-Mobile.

Fast Speed & Easy Setup

Get high speed internet and effortless setup with T-Mobile's range of internet plans tailored for both home and business use. With T-Mobile's business internet plans, you'll enjoy blazing speeds and reliable connectivity to keep your operations running smoothly. For home users, T-Mobile offers internet plans designed for seamless streaming, gaming, and browsing. And with T-Mobile's cutting-edge 5G internet plans, you'll unlock the full potential of next-generation connectivity. Setting up your T-Mobile internet is a breeze, whether you're a business or residential customer. With straightforward instructions and minimal equipment, you'll be up and running in no time, enjoying the fast speeds and reliability T-Mobile is known for.

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T-Mobile offers business internet plans, home internet plans, and 5G internet plans.

T-Mobile's business internet plans offer fast speeds and reliable connectivity to support your business operations.

T-Mobile's home internet plans are designed for seamless streaming, gaming, and browsing experiences at home.

T-Mobile's 5G internet plans unlock the full potential of next-generation connectivity, offering lightning-fast speeds and reliability.

Setting up T-Mobile internet is simple and straightforward, with easy-to-follow instructions and minimal equipment required.

T-Mobile offers no annual contracts with their internet plans, providing flexibility and peace of mind to customers.

T-Mobile may help cover termination fees up to $750 for customers switching from another provider, making the transition hassle-free.


T-Mobile may have introduced new plans, offers, or services since the knowledge cutoff date, and specific details about their current internet plans may differ from the information provided here. It is advisable to visit the official T-Mobile website or contact T-Mobile customer service directly to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information about their internet plans, including pricing, terms and conditions, coverage areas, and any additional fees or restrictions that may apply.Additionally, individual customer experiences with T-Mobile internet plans may vary, and the quality of service, network performance, and availability of specific features can be influenced by factors such as location, device compatibility, and network congestion. We recommend thoroughly reviewing the terms and conditions of any T-Mobile internet plan before making a decision to ensure that it meets your specific needs and expectations.Please be aware that this disclaimer serves as a general guide and does not constitute professional advice or endorsement of any specific product or service. Users are encouraged to conduct their own research and verify the information with T-Mobile or authorized T-Mobile retailers to make informed decisions about their internet plans.